My Plex server is missing TV-shows or movies
Sometimes we add more storage to the service, this will usually come in new folder locations where media is stored - In order for the new media to appear in your appbox, you must make sure that these new locations are added to your libraries, or added as a new library, this guide will demonstrate how to do this.

There will be 3 sections in this guide

The folders used below to find content are examples! They might be different from what you see now
The most important part is that you know how to do this, always look around in the "media" folder for relevant folders, ALWAYS browse to the folder manually before adding, do NOT paste the path

Section 1 - Scanning your libraries

Some times, media might have been added after Plex has run a scan. These scans runs on invervals and it can take hours before the next scan will pick up the movie or TV episode you're looking for.
In cases like this, a manual scan can be initiated.

Brand new customer?

You should scan ALL your libraries right away to get up to sync!

Step 1

Hover curser over the library you want to scan in Plex, notice 3 dots will appear to the right of the library - Click these 3 dots, then hit "Scan Library Files"

Section 2 - Edit an existing Library to contain a new folder

Step 1

Hover curser over the library you want to edit in plex, notice 3 dots will appear to the right of the library - Click these 3 dots, then hit "Edit"

Step 2

Click "Add Folders" on the window that pops up, then hit "Browse for media folders"
Seeing /storage/AnimePool, /storage/MoviePool, /storage/TvPool etc?
Don not add aditional folders!!! These pool folders are set up to contain all current media folders. No further action will be required by you!
If you are reading this in order to add 5thstorage, ignore this message and add 5thstorage additional to your pool folders!

Step 3

We now see the different folders available to browse for media, here we enter the folder "content" for the purpose of this guide, notice that we then see a new list of folders on the right hand side - Here we click on "Movies" which will enter the movies folder, next click "Add"

Step 4

Hit "Save changes" we have now added the TV Shows folder to the Anime library in plex, TV Shows from this folder will now appear in the "Anime" library in plex!

Section 3 - Add a new library to plex!

Step 1

On the left hand side, click the + icon in order to create a new Library in plex

Step 2

Click the kind of Library you want to create, if it will contain movies, ick "Movies" if TV shows click "TV Shows", give it a name and then click "Next" or "Add folders"

Step 3

After going to "Add folders" click "Browse for media files" to we can browse to the folders containing media

Step 4

Here we can see the folders we can browse in order to find media, on the left hand side we pick "content" for the example of this guide, then we enter the folder "Anime" because we want to create a library with Anime - After clicking on "Anime" click "Add"

Step 5

Now we have added this folder to our newly created Library, next we click "Add Library" to add this library to plex and begin scanning it

Step 6

The library has now been added and is being scanned in plex!