Adding users to your server
You can give users access to your server by sharing your server with them

Share your server

In order to share your server, you need to head over to settings/user-management

This is where you can both add and edit your current managed users.

When adding a new user to your server, first select the wanted server to share. You also need to enter a valid email address for the user.

Don't worry!

This email does not have to be associated with any Plex account.

Click "Add user" and you're all set.
The user will receive an email with this information:

  • The username and password
  • The current set access rights
  • The link to the manage page

User already a customer of Elysium?

No worries. Our system allows for all users to share servers across the platform.
If the email belongs to a customer, the server will be shared with this user. No problem.

Setting the user access

You may specify an array of permissions the users should have for the shared server.
The permissions you can select from are:

  • Start server
  • Stop server
  • Force stop server
  • Restart server
  • Reset Plex config
  • Change CDN
  • Change Tautulli (Appbox +)
  • Manage plugins
  • View server information
  • Deploy Emergency Server
  • Claim the server
  • Reset server claim
  • Update Plex (Emergency Server) - A feature only available for dedicated/emergency servers

Static user access

All the users you share with will always have access to these features:

  • Request Lounge
  • TV-Schedule
  • Support